Thursday, December 18

DIY Foot reindeer - Christmas card // DIY Renifer - kartka świąteczna

diy christmas card reindeer foot baby feet to make

Each year I am trying so hard to send Christmas cards to my family and each year I am failing catching myself that it's 23 December and I am just in the middle of the queue for Christmas carp. This year I tried so hard to make it finally happen that I planned it in November. And voilà - success!

Nila helped me this time - her feet is stamped into a card. The rest is my artwork, but it probably looks more like a 5yo drawing of a reindeer. Aaaaaanyway... I packed them into envelopes, stamped and from today on they are all in post machine - let's hope they will arrive to their recipients before Christmas! 

diy christmas card reindeer foot baby feet to make
Some utensils and materials. A pink foot belongs to Nila of course.

To make a Foot - Reindeer Christmas Card we'll need:

How to make it:
  1. Prepare all the cards and ink pad somewhere close to where you place the baby - easy to be done with additional person but alternatively you can do it on the changing table as well.
  2. Smear this little feet into ink pad and slowly stamp it onto the card - be sure that you have it right direction of the card opening.
  3. Stamp the cards as quick as possible - I had over 20 which took me two evenings! You're probably well aware by now how limited is newborn's patience for adult ideas. 
  4. Wash little feet under the sink or clean it with wet wipes. It's good to bath the baby afterwards and put it to sleep - to have time for the next part of cardmaking.
  5. Time to revive the reindeer. Draw reindeer's antlers with golden marker - they're a bit more rounded at the edges and thicker than deer ones.
  6. Draw reindeer's eyes - the easiest option are the closed sleepy ones. Cuteness overload. 
  7. To maximise cuteness effect sprinkle some freckles. Yes, reindeers can have freckles. The magic ones.
  8. Make a glue spot where the nose should be and cover it with glitter. Whisk away the excessive amount of it on your husband / dog / friend as a Christmas mood bringing prank. 
  9. You can add a decorative bauble or star hanging from reindeer's antlers - so it's Christmas². 
  10. Leave your creations overnight to let them dry.

diy christmas card reindeer foot baby feet to make
Please don't pay attention to my 'designer' industrial floor. 

For me sending paper Christmas cards is one of the most beautiful old custom that requires some engagement - time and effort sacrifice plus a dash of creativity - a very rare characteristics nowadays. Collecting addresses, writing Christmas wishes by hand, going to the post office - it sounds nearly like a Mission Impossible! So receiving a card like that means a lot to me and it shows also how much I care about my family. A lot.

I can suggest two places for shopping for all arts&crafts and 'Do-It-Yourself' materials - Modulor on Moritzplatz (Kreuzberg) and Boesner (Prenzlauer Berg, Charlottenburg, Marienfelde).
Warning! These places are addictive and you might want to leave there all your money - you'll realise that all these long time ago pinned DIY from Pinterest can COME TRUE. 

Enter at your own risk. 

Monday, December 8

Milk-sharing - share the good // Mleko matki - podziel się dobrem

breastfeeding a newborn baby, the moon mom
First day after the birth. 
When I was a kid I was always told not to waste any food because children in Africa are starving. When I grew up I noticed that not only children in Africa, but sometimes a neighbor behind the wall can have problems with one warm meal a day.

And still, I have poured in the sink yet another bottle of my breastmilk yesterday. With fat layer of beautiful yellow cream - I am sorry if that disgusts you, but it's a miraculous life bringing mixture. If anyone is in doubt, here you can find quite convincing picture what's in the breast milk and what's in the formula. (It's so puzzling that cow's milk - another animal - seems so natural for us while human milk fills us with revulsion.)

I decided to post my offer on German milk sharing portal - Muttermilch Börse. I really want to help any little human in need instead of filling Berlin's pipes. It's liquid gold! Even though the website requires the price for it (argumenting that it's a serious offer and cannot be given away just like that) I am happy to share it for free or donate this money after somewhere.

Text is in German but if you are living somewhere in Berlin and are interested - please hit me up for more details! I have all the needed health documents and my milk can be additionally tested by private company by mail.

Link to my offer:

From the very first moment my lactation is more like an industrial dairy in big agglomeration, what I believe is thanks to my little sucker that was vacuuming me like crazy.

After 3 months when my lactation should be stabilized I am still changing around 5 nursing pads a day and wetting all the clothes that I have on if Nila has no appetite. To be honest, I am squirting on distance like Nereida from Bolognese Neptune's fountain.

I tried not to pump the excess but then my breast looks like unsuccessful boob job including a massive pain. So I often pump it out - what takes me like 10 minutes for whole 150ml bottle! I was freezing it believing that one day I can just go out and leave Nico or my mom with Nila - but unfortunately she does not take the bottle. Not even a pacifier... (Girl knows what's best. Breast is best.) I was even sometimes bathing Nila in it but - come on - it's nutritious food!

Germany does not have any official breastmilk bank (even Poland has several) and it's not so popular to share milk apparently. I wonder if anyone will contact me. Hopefully - otherwise she's gonna get new nickname - Cleopatra!

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