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Onion syrup - homemade remedy for cold, cough and other winter indispositions // Syrop z cebuli - domowy sposób na katar, kaszel i inne zimowe niedomagania

This amazing onion

Along with first cold days we're usually getting first winter cold. It's a sneaky virus to which nobody found a cure yet - we can just help ourselves with alleviating the symptoms.

The best homemade natural remedy for all winter indispositions I know is an onion syrup.

I remember my granny Zosia who was making a huge jar of this syrup and she was giving it to me everytime I had a cold, cough or flu. It's taste is far from ambrosia, but it's worth to overcome the drawbacks - it's super cheap, natural and effective - like nothing else! It can be also given to very small children.

Onion is known for its antibacterial properties, as well as strengthening the immunological system. It's rich in A, B and C vitamins and it's even curing anemia! This inconspicuous vegetable can lower down cholesterols level, reduce risk of heart attack and it's a great source of folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium and roughage. So take a full spoon of this liquid gold.
Not enough of arguments? Onion syrup can also lower down fever, accelerates blood circulation and reduce amount of mucus.

How to prepare homemade onion syrup?

In order to prepare the amount of syrup for around 2 days you will need:
  • 2-3 yellow onions
  • a bit of sugar or honey*
  • a jar
Cut the onions however your want and place them in the jar. Dash the sugar over and close the lid of the jar. Shake it a bit so the sugar will distribute all over the onion. Leave it overnight. 

In the morning you will notice that on the bottom there is a golden liquid - The Syrup. Take one full spoon of it 3 times a day or even more if needed. 

*honey is not recommended for very small children because of allergy possibility 

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